Born and raised in Fresno, CA, I had always been very active and had a semi-healthy lifestyle. I say semi-heathy, because although I was active, I paid little attention to my diet and mental health. After attending college in Southern California, I was exposed to an environment that was heavy on healthy living, and living a life in balance. After a few years, I returned to Fresno to complete my undergraduate, and along the process gained the tools necessary to live a life in balance; to truly THRIVE! Then, it clicked. A life lived in balance, is a life lived well. When I am treating myself with love and the self-care I deserve, by living my life in balance, I found that I am able to be my best self. That is what I strive to achieve, and what I LOVE to share and encourage my clients with on a daily basis. Once I found Kettlebells and TRX though, I was hooked - (the two equipment tools combined can burn about 20 calories a minute.) Although exercise is the key component of our training sessions, it is only a small factor in what makes each session truly unique. I look forward to working with all individuals working on bettering themselves. Physically, mentally, and/or emotionally.

Danielle Sowden - Co-founder/Personal Trainer 

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Alexis Salazar - Owner & Founder/Personal Trainer

After years of being unhealthy and overweight, deciding to regain my health was the greatest gift I could have given myself. Shortly after making that decision, I fell in love with movement. I fell in love how amazing I felt when I fueled my body with good food, good movement, and good thoughts. I fell in love with the feeling of overwhelming pride when I set goals and ACTUALLY achieved them. I fell in love with myself through this process of becoming a healthier person inside and out, and am still learning every day. Whether we are brand new to exercise, or have been active our whole lives, I truly believe everyone can benefit from a one-on-one customized training approach. Would you like to build strength and endurance?  How about increase balance, flexibility and coordination? I love seeing the diversity of people’s individualized goals, and helping clients achieve them while building lasting relationships is such a rewarding experience!