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Revitalize your mind, body, and spirit in this one-on-one massage session conducted in love and kindness to bring healing to the individual. Through stretching and pressing of energy lines of the body; the client will be at a sense of ease and peace and he/she arrises from the session. More frequently than not, we associate physical pain with our physical body, when it may actually be mental and emotionally based. We explore these themes in our sessions to keep the client on a balanced regimen. 

Connect with your trainer through live stream while they coach you through your training sessions one-on-one, addressing form & technique, holding you accountable to your goals, and encouraging you to push yourself safely through your sessions! Receive all the benefits of Personal Training, on YOUR time. Certified Trainers, Flexible scheduling, in the comfort of your space. 

Thai Yoga Massage

Personal Training

Online Training

​​Giving back to our local community is extremely important to us, so To kick off 2017, ThriveFit Wellness will be hosting Outdoor Community Group Classes every Saturday in Woodwind Park at 10:00am, with 30 minutes beforehand for an introductory course for people who are new to Kettlebells or TRX - All Fitness Levels Welcome. 100% of the proceeds from this event go to benefit the Angels of Grace Foster Family Agency in Fresno, CA. Please see contact us with more details! We hope to see you there!

Outdoor Group Classes

Personal Training is an important, and often times necessary part of a well rounded fitness routine. ThriveFit Wellness trainers fully understand that their responsibilities lie with helping each client(s) become the best possible versions of themselves. This is achieved through looking at each client’s individual fitness goals, training needs, and lifestyles to carefully determine the optimal course of action to get them to their goals. Sometimes, having another person join you through your workouts can be even more motivationg, so we have an option to Personal Train with two people - one trainer. ThriveFit Wellness Personal Training styles: 

  • On-The-Go Personal Training in the comfort of your own home (Option available for two people.)
  • In-home Studio Training (Option available for two people.)
  • Outdoor Training (Option available for two people.)
  • Wellness Consultations