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Receive the benefits of energy work and guided meditation to help clear chakras and stagnant energy. Meditation has also shown benefits in reducing stress, increased immunity system, and promotes relaxation.

The team at ThriveFit Wellness will customize our services for you and your individual needs, providing a unique experience that encourages the value of mental and physical wellness over physical appearance. We will address overall wellness, mental and physical strength, self-love, and the value of proper movement and nutrition to help sustain these habits into a lifestyle. 

Grab your friends, and let the workout come to you! Schedule a weekly standing appointment to help keep your girlfriends accountable for each other while bonding and having fun! 

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We exclusively offer dōTERRA essential oils through our service options. They're a huge staple in Alexis' daily life, so she wanted to share with you! Essentials oils are proven to naturally aid in a variety of ailments such as anxiety, insomnia, and digestion issues.

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Revitalize your mind, body, and spirit in this one-on-one massage session conducted in love and kindness to bring healing to the individual. 

Energy work & Guided meditations 


"A life lived in balance, is a life lived well."

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